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Get Sirius With an Xact Satellite Radio

By now, everyone knows about Sirius and XM radio. The services come with a free trial on nearly every new car sold, and aftermarket satellite radio kits drastically outsell standard FM radios. GPS autoradio GPS video The benefits of satellite radio are the lack of commercials and the wealth of specialty programming. There are multiple channels of every genre of music, from the twang of bluegrass banjo picking to the hard hitting lyrics of gangsta rap.

You can tune into Christian talk radio or comedy routines that would be edited down to prepositions before they would be allowed to air over regular broadcast radio. And along with this wealth of programming comes an amazing continuity of service that only satellite radio can provide. You can drive all the way across the country listening to a single station, getting crystal clear reception in areas where a cell phone doesn’t have a chance of working.

Subscription costs are reasonable, available at monthly or annual levels, and now, with the release of Xact satellite radios, the hardware itself is available for under $50. And yes, those are American dollars. For under $50 you can buy an Xact Sirius radio that doesn’t even have to be installed in-dash. The Xact Visor clips right onto your car’s sun visor. Even if you opt to purchase a more traditional model, with an in-dash installation kit, an Xact radio is a fantastic choice.

They are reasonably priced and very easy to install. You can have them professionally installed at any auto audio center, or you can choose to do the job yourself with self installation kits. They come in a variety of sizes so you are sure to find one that fits your own personal wattage requirements.

And Christmas is a great time to find Xact satellite radios on sale, either for yourself or someone special. The recipient doesn’t have to be a music-blaring teenager to appreciate a gift of a satellite radio. Mothers and fathers will enjoy stations of their own choosing as they drive those boring hours to and from work each day, and children will enjoy kids’ programming as they are taxied to school, daycare or soccer matches!